Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I got to hear what I have dreamed of hearing for the last 3 years..

Mommy. I have wanted Owen to say my name since the day he was born, a day I am sure every parent dreams of. You only have one mother, and one father, and being called mom is something no one can take away from you. Owen and Ryan have a very special relationship..maybe its because they are father and son, maybe because they are so similair..but whatever it is, I long for it. Owen and I have a great relationship, I almost feel like he knows I am his voice, but I always felt it was not special enough for him to want to say my name..because he would say, "daddy".

As I have been updating as quick as I can write, this past week Owen has been showing us just as far as he has come since being in therapy. Tonight was no different, and I think Ryan and I both had to pick our jaws off the floor. Has we were getting ready for bed, I always try and say some words to Owen we are working on, and give the signs. As I did the sign for dad, he said daddy..so I moved on to mommy, and to our amazement he said MOMMY!!!!..we kept doing it and doing it, and he kept saying it over and over and over!! I start crying and crying, and of course, I had to call some family members that I knew @ 10:30pm would LOVE to hear no matter the time!

So here I am.. sitting on my couch @ 11:04pm, with my husband and my little passed out Owen beside me, and embracing every second of it...because today, I experienced what so many parents take for granted, I was called mommy for the first time.


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