Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Complete Understanding...

I want to start off today, by first giving a big shout out to my little man Owen for getting rid of his love for sippy cups, and moving on to bigger and better things - BIG BOY TOY STORY CUP!!! yay!! He has been doing wonderful, all these strides he continues to make just light up my entire life, I am so proud of you Owen :)

Now to a vent - let's remember, this is my blog to vent, you don't like it - PLEASE don't feel you have to read it.

Anyway, as most of you know, Owen is going to be 3 in just under short months, and my does time go quickly! We were fortunate enough to get Owen tested and assessed early, and get him diagnosed with Autism at such a young age. As we all know, Early Intervention is crucial, and unfortunately, to do this for our son, Ryan works his ass off, we rent our OWN basement in our beautiful home, we rent another home..blah blah blah.. I don't want to always repeat myself.. we know it is a struggle to have him in IBI-but it is worth it.

We get by, Ryan does whatever means necessary to get Owen in his treatment, to the point where he works almost everyday, and most of them, are doubles. We are fotunate that we have found a system that works for us, that we are able to put Owen in therapy, when a lot of families are not able to do so. So, I guess I would have a question - why put this little boy through so many hoops to actually get some assisstance, to better suit his needs, so that he can have a more fulfilling life?

For the past 2 months, we have been pushed and shoved, from this assessment, to that specialist, to this meeting and that meeting, and all for the benefit of Owen. We are dealing with 4 community agencies right now, and it is so confusing and can be so frustrating at times, but in the back of my mind all I think is .. this is all for Owen.

You have no idea how your treatment from some agenices change when you tell them you have your child in private therapy! Some of these agencies are appalled at this idea, that you should be like everyone else who might not be able to afford it, and wait the 2-4 years for the funding to MAYBE happen... 2-4 YEARS?!? are you kidding me? What are you going to provide in the mean time? Seminars for Ryan and I to attend? are you going to work with Owen 1:1 to help him? No. So, I am suppost to suck it up, wait for funding that I might not get, and let Owen slip away to where help is almost non-exsistant at that point, and let's teach him life skills instead at that point.. let's give up.

Dealing with all of this stress as a parent who is only trying to do their child right, and provide him with anything he needs to get by and keep him out of his autistic world, I am a bad person? I am a bad mother? Sometimes I meet parents from work, and like anyone is society, I can be quick to judge. It is a different view being a Suuport Worker to being their parent. Going through this experience daily teaches me new things I may not have wanted to learn before.. like understanding.

The view I have being the concerned mother of an Moderate-Severe Autistic son, who is trying to provide him with all the therapy, programming, oppurtunities he needs to succeed, I have a new appreication for the parents who have been dealing with all this stress before me, and for the parents who have yet to experience it...this is truly a journey, and not an easy on at that. You are tested to your most inner being as a person, a mother, and an advocate for someone who just doesn't understand.

I only wish all the agencies would remember one thing - You are not suffering making him wait and wait, he is.


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