Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a copier!

ooo Maddie.. she is my 18 month old busy, into everything insight...amazing little girl. One thing I do admire about Maddie already, is her love for her brother. Now, don't get me wrong.. those 2 kids fight like cats and dogs. They can only be beside each other in the cart at Zehrs for nomore than 5 minutes without screaming, hitting, and throwing things. At home, they steal each others toys, push eachother, take eachothers food and sippy cups.. they are normal brother and sister.. and I love it.

What I have noticed, which I guess is common in siblings with one being Autistic, is that the younger one who is not will sometimes copy. I have not been able to see the other parents I have met who have younger children than their ASD child, but I wonder if they see this frequently as well?

Maddie loves following Owen everywhere.. his room, our room, outside, on the couch.. everywhere. Not only will she follow him, she wants to do the samething he is doing as well... its too funny, Ryan actually refers to her as, "Autism 2.0"..haha.

Owen will spin - Maddie will spin. Owen will scream at certain parts in a movie - so will Maddie. Owen will line up his favourite, "In the night garden" toys.. no word of a lie, Maddie lines up those toys as well. Seeing all of this, took a while for me to get a custom too. I really did not even know this was, "normal", till Ryan told me not to worry. Think about it for a second.. we have been through such an emotional rollarcoaster with our little guy, and then to see our daughter do the samethings as he does as behavioural.. and she is doing them because she thinks this is how you play with toys and act? honestly - a little scary.

My worry with Maddie is slowly fading, I think I will not stop worrying fully till she reaches 2. I think if I saw Maddie regress, it would completely break my heart, only because she is so advanced, where Owen was never to the level she is at socially/mentally..etc. As much as watching Maddie do everything her wonderful older brother does and worrying all the time, I have now begun to take Ryan's approach on it..

I am embracing this in my daughter. Her admiration, support.. and her non-judgmental love for her brother, that she shows in copying him in everything he does, hell, even Ryan and I now join in the spinning around and around..and honestly, Maddie and Owen think mommy and daddy spinning is the cats ass.. :)

Cheers to sibling love and rivarly


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