Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Owen has Autism", - does it really matter?

You treat Owen like a pile of crap, you are treating our family like a it as well... You treat Owen like any normal child that laughs, runs, smiles, plays... you are treating us better than you will ever know. I expect a certain level of understanding, love, support and compassion from Ryan's family as well as mine, and I would say, for the MOST part, we have it. The people in our families that are either too ignorant, judgemental, or just plain hurtful we have sucessfully kept Owen clear from, he doesn't need that crap just as much as we don't.(Apparently people are offended by this comment I made last night - all I can say is these are my feelings about certain people in my family, you don't like, you don't have too.. these are my feelings and its my blog to vent :)....)

What more could I ask for? .. I couldn't. I have amazing people in this little boys life, and we are lucky to have them as they are lucky to have Owen...but what I have to admit I do have, that maybe a lot of people don't, I have friends who have become family, and who make up for the people that are loosing out on this amazing little boy.

Ryan and I are the same in some ways, we would say we have maybe one or two, BEST friends, people you can call anytime about anything, and they will be there. We are also very fortunate to have some CLOSE friends, who I wouldn't call in the middle of the night, but I would call them the next morning kinda thing. I remember in highschool, I was the type to please everyone, be nice to anyone (even though I have heard different..lol), but I always had my group of friends I could always count on. I have been lucky to find Facebook, and find all 4 of them, and they are in my life once again. I would call them CLOSE friends, and out of the 4 close friends, 2 are BEST friends again.

Everyone in my life knows about Jen and Victoria. We were super close in highschool, faded for a while.. while we all accomplished different milestones in our lives.. and blah blah blah. Jen's family have always been active in my life, they have seen me through thick and thin, been there for all 3 children being born to Ryan and I, and I know if I ever needed to, I could call their house about anything, and it would be fine.

Tonight - I really realized I also am fortunate to have Victorias family. We have been in contact very frequently, they have been an ear for me about Owen.. as Victorias mom sings in a choir for Children with Autism..small world. Tonight, we were invited over for their annual, Long Weekend Fireworks and BBQ". I had a very rough day as my grandparents lives have been turned upside down, and I am ULTRA sensitive. I was not going to go tonight to Vic's parents.. I had it all planned out I was going to have a self-pity party about how stressful my life can be.. eat ice cream and lay on the couch while the kids would be pulling me and hitting my back to get up and entertain them. Then at the last minute, I wanted to go. I wanted to get my mind off of everything happening in our lives right now, see my 2 very dear friends, get the kids out of the house, it was a beautiful day.. don't waste it.

So, after my little pep talk to myself, we were out the door driving to good ole' Thorold. Right away, Owen ran up the Cooper's driveway, and was greeted with hugs, kisses, and smiles.. he was comfortable.. I was immediately calm. My children were loved, paid attention to, played with, drooled over.. and I was soaking it all in.. these people, one of my best friends family, was loving my children the way some of my family should be doing.. as much as this was a slap in the face it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Owen wasn't treated different, he was embraced. He did his, "thing"...stimming, running, wandering.. everything that makes him happy outside he did, and there was no judgement, no yelling.. only looking out for him, in the most loving way I have ever seen.. and this is not my family. Everyone was asking me about his Autism, how amazing he is doing in this large crowd, and what they can donate to his fundrasier... even Victoria's cute little Nana gave us $10 towards the fundrasier, people I have only met once offering to donate prizes..Vic's Aunt offering to make bracelets to sell in the colours of Autism (Blue) .. I was over-whelmed... in the most profound way imaginable.

As we were leaving, Owen and Maddie smiled through their tired little faces, and both waved/said, "buh-bye"..and they all helped me load them into the mini-van so we could trail home... and as we were driving down the street I cried.. remember I am SUPER sensitive..lol.

I cried because I was shown tonight that this little boy not only brings out the best in me, Ryan, and our families.. but he brings out the best in everyone he meets...and I am truly blessed to have such amazing friends in my life for the past 11 years..so for tonight, Cooper family this is for you -

*You made me smile tonight for your genourous prize donations, your support, helping me watch the kids, and relating to me through this journey, but you touched my heart for your love for my family....and especially for my Owen*


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