Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, May 10, 2010

A kind word can really make your day...

How lucky are Ryan and I, that we have given birth to such a wonderful little boy? A little boy with his superpower of Autism, that effects so many people around him in his day to day life... and we, the proud parents get to bask in his ever so encouraging glow? This is a gift that Owen continously gives to anyone affiliated with him, and we get to hear the benefits of all of it.

As I have written before, Owen attends a group at the Niagara Peninsula Childrens Centre in St. Catharines, every Monday morning. He has been there for roughly a month, and for most of the month, he has had difficulties. Difficulties in areas of everyone singing at the sametime, snack, circle time... everything. The last 2 weeks, he has been amazing! He loves the singing time together, he is trying new foods (today he tried dry cheerios! and he ate them!) anad he is enjoying the circle time at the start and at the end of the day.

I think being his parents, we have noticed a HUGE difference in his abilities and tolerences at this group, and we are proud of him for all his accomplishments. But do you ever wonder if other people notice? Do they remember Owen from day 1, screaming his head off at the singing, we had to basically restrain him, would not eat the snack and faught to wash his hands? Do they remember that little boy as well as we do?!

YES they do!!! Today Owen and I went to Stepping Stones alone, as Ryan's sleep is still very much messed up on hsi days off. It was actually nice going alone together, no daddy interference! haha. I did not know how Owen would be.. yes he was great last week.. but this week there was no daddy..would he have a meltdown? So, we got there, and Owen and I played with toys while waiting for the rest of the parents and their children to arrive. We then sat for circle.. and Owen did not want to sit on my lap.. he wanted to sit beside me like a big boy - totally broke my heart as a mommy.. haha.. yet so proud of him.

Owen did the actions to the songs, he laughed.. helped with the poems.. and people were just watching Owen in amazement. Then we get to leave the kids and go take a class while the kids make us crafts, today was on OT therapy. As we leave the children to play, 3 moms and a grandma walked with me to the classroom, and said how they could not believe how amazing Owen is doing!! The grandma honestly told me today Owen brought her to tears at how great he is doing! I stood there in shock, they were talking about MY little boy! My boy who has overcome so much in this play group, other people see what we see! Best feeling ever.

They asked me a lot of questions about Owen, when we first knew he had Autism, what to look for, if he is in any special programming, waitlists.. haha.. everything. I love it though, I love teaching people about my son, and as you all know if you read this religously, I like to brag about his accomplishments to anyone that will listen.. and thats what I did. As I am talking to them, I am taking in this whole moment.. I can see from their expressions that they are just amazed at the progress he has made!!

I also informed them of the pricey expense for all these accomplishments, and how necessary it is to catch this early and interviene, and they want to come to his fundrasier! How great! It honestly was just a great day for Owen and I..he got to show off how far he has come in such a short amount of time - and I got to play the roll of a gloating parent, a roll I can really come to get used to..

keep it up big guy..oxoxox

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