Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If we didn't have enough on the go.. let's add some more because the Coens aren't busy enough....

Seriously.. I think that word sums up my life. With IBI Tuesday-Fridays, Stepping Stones Mondays, plus appointments for needles.. my appointments..and time to actually have some sort of social life.. seriously.. lets PLEASE add more to my plate.. its not full enough.

I really should just shut my mouth..because what is being added is honestly worth it, and is just showing us how doing everything early for Owen is so worth it. I got a call from Contact Niagara on April 23rd, this was an over the phone assessment for Owen..so I got to tell them all about my man from my pregnancy right up until now! It was not too long of a phone call, because (bragging rights again!) Owen is not a violent child.. no more than a regular 2 1/2 yr old can be. Now we had to wait for our phone call from Bethesda, saying they got the referral from Contact Niagara and they want to meet Ryan and I and do a verbal assessment for Owen, and then on June 4 we get to drive to Bethesda (work) haha.. and they do a visual assessment of him. They would also like our consent to assess him at his Stepping Stones program, as he does not attend a daycare. All this = busy...very busy.

We have also had a silent battle with NPCC, as we are waiting for Owen to begin Government Funded Occupational Therapy.. BUT they almost tried to drop him as a client because we are paying for private IBI therapy.. so shouldn't we be paying for private OT theraoy? SERIOUSLY..!!!!!!!!!! Let me PLEASE go on a rant here.. because it is MY blog.. SERIOUSLY?! HMMMMM Why would we be paying for private therapy? OOOOO THATS RIGHT.. because we KNOW the BENEFITS of Early Intervention for toddlers with Autism, and we are NOT WAITING 2 or more years to help Owen!!! and pull him out of his Autistic world! Do we just take it out of our millions we have laying around the house?! NO.. we are SUPPORT WORKERS, who have to rent out our basement, we rent out a house in Welland, my poor husband works almost 80 hours a week, and we BUDGET like we make $2 an hour! thats what we WILL do and thats how we will LIVE no matter how long it takes to get Owen, and our 2 other little kiddies anything they need in life, because I will toot my own horn, and say we are GOOD parents! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Needless to say, I am very lucky to have Brick by Brick on my side, as they too would like us to get a little help... and per hour private OT therapy starts at $120 an hour.. no thanks!! BBB had a meeting with NPCC today, and now they are both on the same page, why work against the child and family when that benefits noone? work together - so they are...and hopefully, I will be able to write about the government helping us in some kind of way..until we can hopefully get into Bethesda in a couple years.

Like I have said before.. yes, we do have a crazy busy life right now, I have an Autistic 2 1/2 yr old.. an 18 month old Diva, and a chunker of a almost 3 month old...and sometimes I honestly want to rip the hair right out of my freakin' head...but then, admist all the errands..appointments..therapy..I will stop and think about family, "spins" or family, "kisses and hugs"...and it makes our crazy life 100% completely worth it.

thank you my 3 beautiful kids for making me the person I am today..I guess I can add Ryan in there too...without his constant support and understanding.. we would be f*k'd. :)

oxox to my family.

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