Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, May 16, 2010

If this doesn't inspire me.. I don't know what will...

Meet Sam. Sam attends Owen's therapy at Brick By Brick in Fonthill. 6 months ago, Sam was deemed as, "Non-Verbal", but the therapists, parents, friends and family believed in him.. and as of Friday May 14, Sam participated in a school concert by saying a small speech!!! Please go to the Brick By Brick homepage and watch this amazing little Autistic boy defy odds..www.brickbybrick.ca.

I know I have written about this several times, but for me it is such a re-occuring thing.. almost like I have to mentally feel okay with how Owen's life is going, the strides he is making, as his mom, I need to know that everything is going to be okay. It is very hard for me to leave my son's future in the hands of a stranger, to depend on them to help him learn and grow, it is hard. I am a fixer.. and so is Ryan, what can we do to make this all better? Need more money? Ryan will work and work and work, and hardly complain! Does Owen need more time with us? Okay, let's find a sitter and just give Owen so much attention he can't stand it... but it's not that easy. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix when your child has special needs, it is just something that you can hopefully help with, and change your life to better suit their needs..and for a fixer, that's hard to deal with.

No matter how much money you throw at IBI services, and OT therapy, and whatever else you want your kid in, what we as parents we need to remember, is that they still will always be Autistic... that will never change. Ryan and I do understand this, we have slowly accepted the fact that for the rest of his life, Owen is going to be Autistic.. but what we have learned from working where we do, is that we know we can not take certain behaviours he has away, but we can help him adapt and learn to deal with them in a socially appropriate way.. not such a quick fix eh..haha.

For me tonight, watching that video of Sam just defying all odds.. and actually performing in a play, just gives me so much hope and faith as a mom. Owen is not really deemed, non-verbal, but he does have severe delays in his speech, and is not near to where he should be. So, watching Sam just shine, I know I will tape Owen in school doing the same thing.. like I said, watching these videos for me = therapy...Owens light is going to shine, and I can not wait to be some other new diaganosed autistics mom inspiration as well.

Good job Sam!!! oxox


  1. Hi Vanessa,

    I am Wendy Sam's Mom- and thank you for such kind words about him, I do hope he is an inspiration to you

    Sam is an example of how anything is possible, stay positive and know that you are not alone


  2. O Wendy.. I am so glad you found this. Sam was just amazing, and I hope one day I can feel as you feel. I balled my eyes out watching that video of him, I am so glad you read this.

    I can not express how much of an inspiration he is to my husband and I for our son Owen, and thank you for your kind words as well.

    Writing is therapy for me :)

    Take care Wendy