Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A differnt type of Mother's Day..but I wouldn't change it for the world.

First and foremost - I bought my own Mother's Day gift... a vaccum...and got no surprise.. Ryan is many things, but Romantic and Thoughtful is not one of them.. Love you hun, but it's true. So I woke up this morning, and I knew it was going to be a busy day! I was getting ready to host a Mother's Day Brunch for my In-laws and family, which I enjoy to do very much.. then it is my home, our kids can run around and we don't have to worry.. it less stressful for us to have it in our home.

The day started crappy, as I knew I had to bring all 3 children into Zehrs to pick up the last minute items for the brunch today..Ryan was supposed to watch the kiddies in the morning so I could go quickly.. but the poor guy is so used to the Midnight shift, that on his day off - he can't sleep at night... which = stress in a grocery store.

So, I packed up the rugrats and we were off to the store. I choose to go to Zehrs, mainly because they have the best grocery carts for a large family! I sit the 2 big kiddies in the seats (they have 2 big seats not just 1!) and then they have a top level and lower level, so I plop Ben on the upper level.. and we are ready to shop.. I really hope you picture that walking into the store.. hahaha.

Everything is fine...then about 12 minutes in.. it begins. Hitting, screaming, crying.. Owen and Maddie are fighting.. happy freakin mothers day...lol. I start to develop this headache.. it was the worst pain that just would not go away.. almost reminded me of being in actual labour for 2 hours.. pain and there was nothing I could do about it..haha. I made sure not to blow my lid, and we booked it out of there.. not before crying and screaming as we were cashing out as well.. ahhhh.

We then arrived home, and the crying and screamin just continued.. and my headache would not leave.. Tylenol did nothing for this. My main goal being home was to tidy the house, get the food prepped, and to try and get the kids in a better mood. I then heard the door-bell ring- enter In-laws an hour early. I was still in moody headache mode, so I did not want company being bitchy - but then I saw my father-inlaw holding a timmies cup .. this seemed to solve my moodiness. It was great having them here, they watched the kiddies - kiddies became happy - headache took a backseat.

I got everything ready, including myself! House looked and smelled great, and so did the kids! Got Ryan up! and we were ready to celebrate Mother's Day! The rest of the family came over, everyone ate, and we had a great visit! .. the kids were so worn out, they actually had a 3 hour nap, and Ben and I had a 2 hour one while Ry took off for work..a great end to a busy day.

This is the first year I hosted a Mother's Day Brunch, and I loved it! I want to do this every year, it is nice to see family and just enjoy being a mother, and really appreciate what it is to be a mother with your children right by your side. It is like when I turned 25 I almost became domesticated..and its scary, because I enjoy it.. shhhh.

This Mother's Day was also very different for me, because my own Mother is away for her new career. We celebrated our Mother's Day last Sunday, we went to Chatters in the Falls.. with the 4 generations of women - My Nana, Mother, Me, and Maddie.. it was beautiful. I have been realitively okay with the thought of my mom being away, I guess it hasn't really kicked in, unless I want to call her and realize I need to dial a different number. Today was different. Today when I wanted to see my mom, I actually couldn't.. and it scared me. This may sound completely morbid, but it made me feel like I might feel when she passes, and I think that was the thought that scared me more.. I will go through holidays without my mom when I am older, and that is a thought I just don't want and not ready to face in my life. If you are reading this mom, you were thought of quite a bit today..and I love you with all my heart...you were missed.

I also took a couple minutes today, with my head in my hands, and I cried. I cried for all the changes we have experienced in a year, what with Ben being born, Owen's Autism, moving.. just so many changed in such a short time. I watched Owen at this time, stimming through his toy and the movie we had on.. and I embraced it. It made me so proud to experience my first Mother's Day as a different type of mom.. a mom with a little boy with a superpower - Autism. (Owen's new t-shirt!!) A mom of 3 beautiful children who continously fill my day with excitement, challenges, fun, love and joy.. and I would not change any of them for the world.

So, yes.. this was a different type of Mother's Day - I bought my own gift, wanted to tape my children's mouthes shut, hosted a SUCESSFUL brunch, missed my mom who is a plane ride away, had a wonderful much needed nap,a Mother's Day with 3 children to call my own, and embraced my first Mother's Day as a mom with a child who as Autism... it's not everyone's cup of tea.. but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

PS- I got to brag about Owen's accomplishments today as well, that made this different kind of Mother's Day *perfect*.

I hope your's was just as different.. and just as amazing.


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