Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Being Sick sucks... but Owen still made it cute

Thanx Ryan.. thank you for bringing home the bug - the 24 hr flu bug. Ryan had it pretty bad.. shows up from work sicker than a dog..coming out both ends.. we were up all night listening to that noise.. not fun. We thought this was food poisioning.. but then Maddie got it. She was up and so sick.. same as Ryan.. both ends, just a mess. Then last night, Owen got it.. again, up all night..sicker than a dog..poor kids. Thank you again Ryan.

Through all this throwing up, pooping constantly, not eating, grumpy, and tired...Owen still made it cute. I was super tired, and went to bed with Ben, and Maddie was put down to sleep as she was super cranky. Owen was put to bed, but then we began to hear him in his bed and he was sick.. so we wanted him to stay up (just in case). So, I went to bed and Ryan was put on Owen Patrol.

Owen would sleep, wake up an hour later, be sick and go back to sleep. By 3:30am, Owen was so stinky he wanted to go in the bath. I awoke, very confused why my 2 yr old son was having a bath at almost 4am?! haha.. and I got him a diaper. Went back to bed.. so tired.. but all I could think of was how sick my little guy was...and then the cutest thing in the world came out of his mouth...

"daddy"...and than puke. Apparently, everytime Owen felt the need to throw up, he would first call, "daddy"...then puke. This hit me on so many levels...my son completely understands when he is feeling sick, so much that he calls his dad because he knows it is coming and he needs help! As much as Owen was in so much pain being sick, and was not feeling good at all, I was still so proud of him for being able to ask for help in his own way!!!!

So, the kids are feeling much better tonight as I write this, as they are all tucked in their beds passed out...and believe me, I am so glad they are feeling better.. today was not fun at all...but I guess it takes a pretty special mom to see the good in all of life's vomitty situations ;)


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