Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Apparently you can put a price tag regarding your child...

In our case... this price tag is a $900.00. Yes, I did almost have a heartattack when I opened our email today to see the invoice from Owen's therapy..and yes I did panic right away thinking I hope this is what Ryan was expecting to pay.. and yes, a million different thoughts ran through my head justifying this costly endevour. So, I had to call Ryan. I am not one anymore to just call him at work for anything, those days are over once you get married and have 3 kids under 3.. there is just no time for lovey phone call games.. and to be honest, Ryan is not a romantic guy anyway.. he would look at a lovey phone call as annoying.. no phone calls...except today.. and lucky for him it was not to say I love you.. but to say you owe money.. his favourite kinds of phone calls.. haha.

I guess first I have to explain my husband.. he is a) dutch. dutch=cheap. b)he has OCD. (not limited to but including OCD about socks, gas tanks, and money). My history of finances does not help my poor hubby at all.. I am a spender.. I love it. I love improving my house, my childrens appearence, and my appearence. Ryan is not a spender.. he throws up at the IDEA of spending money, especially in large sums.. so I am monitored like CNN monitors politics...constantly.. and so much, it makes you sick.

I guess I can not complain at this obsession with money and finances, if he wasn't a stickler with money, we would not have what we have, nor would our son be in private IBI therapy.. and for this, I appreciate Ryan more than he will ever know. He will work 2 jobs, one is full time and the other is classified as part time.. but he works there almost as much as he works at his full time job just to make sure Owen can attend IBI.. we rent out our semi in Welland until we can sell it, we rent out our basement in our home we live in, and Ryan watches the finances 24/7 to make sure we are not spending foolishly, so every pennie we have can be available for Owen when needed.. and for this I love him.

Not a lot of families are able to provide private therapy for their children with Autism, and as I have mentioned before, we get zero assisstance from our government... thanks for that. I do miss Ryan, he works all the time, but if he didn't, we would be able to have Owen in IBI, and Owen would not be making the amazing accomplishments he is able to make while attending Brick By Brick - hence the fundrasier in September to help us.

My goal for this entire situation, is that hopefully Owen continues to do well in therapy, and the most we have him in there learning is for 2 years, until his therapy would FINALLY be covered by the government (estimated time for a child in the Niagara Region for financial assisstance is minimum 2 years wait to attend Bethesda.. he might not even need it by that time) Then when Owen is ready to attend kindergarten when he is 5, and just may require an EA and he could be in Mainstream classes!!! This is why Early Intervention is so important right now!! It just costs families an arm and a leg to get there..

So ... yes... I checked our email today and got the invoice and my heart sank.. but 10 seconds later realized I have a pretty amazing husband who takes care of business for us by busting his ass to provide anything his children need.. then my heart skips a beat for him.. and returns to normal because everything is going to be fine....

He is not romantic and will think this is gay.. but this one is for you my love.
thanx. oxox.

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