Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today our journey felt all so real and it has begun..

I woke up this morning so excited for the day to begin. I had Owen's first day of IBI outfit ready to go.. all laid out.. I had his bag packed with his positive reinforcements, and of course, areo bars. When we dropped him off, we had a plan.. I would drive all the kiddies in the van, and he would drive the car, but I would bring Owen in so Owen didn't see Ryan. As you have all read, Ryan and Owen are so close.. and of Owen saw Ryan he would not want Ryan to leave. So I brought Owen in at 10am, and he knew right where to go.. and was so happy to be there. He stimmed off the fish tank, and made his way to the room we have the meetings in. Owen got to meet another little boy, who looked about 5-6 yrs of age. The boy was similiar to Owen, had a difficult time with communication, but what a sweet little boy.

We then made our way to Owen's therapy room, and still, he was so happy. I met the one of 3 therapists on Owen's team, Heather. She was great, very friendly, and was not scared to ask me questions. That goes along way with me, she is curious, and was looking for the best way to handle Owen in certain situations, I liked this.

Today for Owen and Heather, was a play session. A play session is exactely that..Owen would play and Heather would play with him, they would get to know each other, and she would build trust with Owen. I then left, and no.. he did not cry when I left.. haha.

We got plenty of errands completed, and went to pick him up at noon. Ryan wanted to go in to pick him up, and Owen was happy to see him, and ready to go... 2 hours was long enough. The therapist said Owen had an awesome first day, and mimicked train noises.. YAY!!! This is wonderful, and no tantrums or anything!

If IBI continues like this, I have no doubt in my mind Owen is going to do great, we are so incrediably proud of him, and looking so forward for what tomorrow is going to bring. Today just reminded me of how real this all is, and Owen, Ryan, and I are all embarking on this journey together - and if it continues to be anything like today, Bring it!


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