Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smile on his face is a smile on ours :)

If you want Ryan and I to like you, all you have to be is amazing to my children..So, I have met Owen`s team of therapists, and I have to say I do have a favourite..This one therapist is so great to Owen, she plays with him, has fun with him.. and that is the way to Owen`s heart and ours.

I have to admit, which I think I have said before, when I am at work.. I am a hard-ass.. For me personally, I am there not to be friends, but to help them find different ways to learn and deal with their behaviours.. but now being on the other side of the situation, the hard therapist drove me nuts.. and thats the day Owen came out with red eyes.. not a fan..but I do understand that sometimes being harder, does give you better results.. ahhhhhh its so frustrating.

I dropped Owen off this morning, and today it was Heather, the fun therapist.. and I was happy. Owen was so happy to see her, she gave him a big hug, and chased him around and got him very excited and happy, so when I was leaving there would be no issues.. and it worked. Just seeing the glow in Owen`s face made me feel so much better about this whole situation, that he is actually enjoying the therapy,which I think increases his chances for improvement.

Seeing how much Owen liked this therapist and responded well to her.. made me like her, and I treated her better as well.. so I guess.. you put a smile on Owen`s face.. you will get a smile on mine..

Thankful for a great day for my little man.


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