Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rough start to the day.. but he ate a BANANA!!!

OoOoOoOo... Stepping Stones.. this is the program we attend every Monday morning until mid June.. and I am hoping, that things are going to get worse before they get better. Owen was so happy to go this morning, but got super upset when Daddy (and mommy.. more so daddy) left the childrens area to go to the Parent portion of the class while the kiddies play and do crafts.

Ryan and I learned some yoga today.. holy crap. He was sweating beyond belief, and I have to admit I am not as, "bendy" as I thought I was.. haha. We had a fun time making fun of each other, and then Ryan wanted to go check on Owen, since we had left him crying. Ryan came back about 20 minutes later, and said Owen was having a meltdown, and the workers weren't really paying attention to him.. this was probably a good thing they were letting him have space, but so hard being his mommy.. so I was very upset. Ryan went back, and felt much better as Owen was playing with some other little boys building a tower with blocks.. and thus.. I felt better.

You have to try and understand.. we don't let anyone watch our children who are not family.. Ryan and I have a hard time letting our kids be watched by people we barely know, you never know what can happen.. and that is something I can prevent as of right now, so I do. Owen's main babysitters are our grandparents and his Uncle Josh.. that is about it.

Back to the story. We went back to the children's area, and this is when they wash their hands and have snack. Owen was done being there.. he wanted to leave. Ryan did get him to wash his hands, and then sit for snack. We knew we were going to have an issue, as snack was bananas and apple juice.. not one of Owen's choices of foods he will eat. We both tried several times, and he cried.. screamed.. whined.. but finally, Ryan got him to take a bite!! YAY!!!

We then smothered him in hugs and kisses.. we were so happy and proud of him! Then he kept doing the sign for, "all done" which we just taught him, and he does correctly! He is making so many strides lately, he amazes us daily.

I would also now like to brag he is up to 11 words.. the new ones include, "do", "two", "three", "cheese" (he lost but has back now) "puppy", and "hi".

So, I try to keep telling myself when he has these bad days, that things usually get worse before they get better...here's to some better days ahead.


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