Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Owen's Eating Habits...Or Lack There Of...

This was and is one of the most frustrating parts I am finding with his ASD. When Owen was younger, he used to eat EVERYTHING, ate off our forks every dinner.. and then for some reason, now we know was ASD, it changed. Owen would not eat for me, at all.. and I got so worried..if anyone tells you a child will not starve themselves, they are dead wrong.. as we found out they will from an Occupational Therapist.

Due to Owen not wanting to eat anything about a year ago, I had to put him back on baby food... this way I knew he was at least getting the minerals and vitamins he requires.. even though, it was baby food. The funny thing is, he would eat pizza and fries with no issue.. but who wants their child to be living on fast food? no thanks.

Baby food it is.. and I stuck with this for roughly 8 months, I was scared he wouldn't eat anything else.. then I found my mommy backbone. We bought a ton of canned foods, like beefaroni and alphagetties... so much you would think WW III was on its way.. and I decided I would force Owen to eat something different. I noticed Owen liked certain textures of food, soft and not much effort to chew. The first week was hard, he fought me tooth and nail, screamed.. it almost looked like I was attacking him with a spoon.. poor kid.

Then.. it got easier. I was so proud of him when he chose to open his mouth and eat.. and it wasn't baby food!! He actually liked it! This is common in most ASD children, they have roughly 6 or so foods that they love, and it is so difficult to find other foods they would like or be open to try.

So, if you come over for a visit, and see me helping Owen eat pasta... and stay till around dinner and I am helping him eat pasta again..just think instead of, "Oh my gosh.. he is eating pasta AGAIN"... think like I do and the people who have seen us struggle to just get him to eat, "Oh my gosh.. he is EATING again!!"

***We are also trying a lot of new items for Owen to eat out of his comfort zone.. 2 nights ago it was a cheese oamlet..and yes, we struggled.. and it took Ryan holding Owen's hands down and me putting the fork to his lips for it to work, but he ate 5 mouth fulls!!!***

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