Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Owen shows me everyday that he DESERVES this fundrasier

This kid honestly is going above and beyond all my expectations of Autism, and he makes me feel better.. and does honestly prove to me, Owen is not making Autism his life sentance.

Owen has been in IBI for 1 month as of May 7, and the strides this child has made impress me and shock me daily. His therapists at Brick By Brick have only told me great things he is accomplishing, and picks up on activities and what is expected of him so quickly, a mother could not be any more proud.

When Owen was diagnosed with Autism, like I have said before, I thought he was done.. done with friends, with learning and developing... just finished.. Man, does he prove me wrong daily.

It is the best feeling in the world to walk into his IBI, and get told he picks up things so quickly, he is learning new signs, new words, just blossoming before our eyes, as well as theirs. Owen has accomplished this within a months time, and I just think how far he could come continuing this therapy. If there is one little boy in the world that deserves the chance to continue his learning, this is him. I want this fundrasier not only to help us fulfill this journey for him, through the help, support, and love of family and friends (and ZERO help from the Canadian Government), but I want everyone to see that their help is not going to some lost cause and a boy with no hope or potential.. I want everyone to see the amazing little boy he is, and how bright he is, and his amazing personality.. I want them to see the real Owen.

Here is just a sample of how far our son has come in such a short amount of time -

-has learned the words :

Kitty (has it back)
Toopy (from a show he likes)

Has now learned sign language:

all done
(is learning right now Open and Help)

Knows how to sort objects by colour (red bears in the red container)
Knows how to complete puzzles correctly

This is all in a month!!! Imagine what 3 months, 6 months, A YEAR could do!!

I am so glad we announced Owen's Fundrasier this month in April, as it is Autism Awareness Month.. almost every talk show and morning news has had Doctors, Specialists, and parents on discussing how important awareness, and EARLY INTERVENTION is in Autistic children, when we get into their minds early, we can pull them out of the Autistic world, and intervien on their way of learning.. and that the cost of this therapy for families is so incrediably high, not a lot of families can afford this on their own...but the government does not assist with funding till its almost too late.

Owen deserves a chance, he deserves a fundrasier in his name.. he deserves every oppurtunity that a "normal" child has, to me, he deserves the world.

I love this boy.

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