Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our life is now so busy.. I didn't have time to BLOG yesterday!

I can not believe it! I enjoy writing on this daily, it is such a healthy release for me, and I really missed not being able to write yesterday. I do have a greast excuse, our life really was insane yesterday, IBI, Doctor appointments, and my 3rd part of the ASD Seminar.. very busy.. and being a mom to the 3... haha.

So, Owen has started IBI, today will be his 3rd session. They love him, he is responding well to the programming tasks, and he actually runs to the door when I dro him off.. which makes me feel so much better. Yesterday, Owen was at my in-laws, so I could take the other 2 kiddies to the Doctor. It was pouring rain yesterday, and Owen wanted to go for a walk, and said to my inlaws, "go buhbye".. SERIOUSLY!!! 2 words together!! so of course, they went buhbye for a walk, I was so happy and again, in tears when I read it.

Yesterday at the ASD seminar, we discussed Community Services, it was very imformative. They told us about different services available for us to use, but a lot of the respite and break camps are for age 6 and up, they have not very much for toddlers or adults, which hopefully in time they will change.

We also discussed Private Care vs. Public.. they of course advocated for Public, and did say it is just long waitlists... ummm yea... 2 years for Bethesda IBI, and I have zero pull and I work there! I had to voice my strong opinion on this, and I said we have enrolled our son into Brick By Brick, and he has been there 2 days, and is already so much more vocal..yes it is expensive, but we are willing to go without to have Owen there for however long he needs to be.

I got a different reaction from them.. but a great reaction from several other parents. One of the moms who has a son who has Aspergers and is 5 1/2, goes to Brick By Brick, and has seen a great improvement in her son.. great to hear!!

At the end of the session, I had 4 other parents come to me for information on Private care, and I told them the honest truth.. it is like another mortgage paymt.. but so worth it.

I can not begin to tell you the feeling I get being at these Seminars, I am actually going to miss them... the last one is next Wednesday. To be surrounded by parents, having the same struggles you are, for people to actually understand and can relate to different hardships you bring to the table.. its amazing. I honestly think after this, I might join a parent support group, I think sometimes my mind still goes through the, "grieving" process, and it would be great to get all those feelings out one day.


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