Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, April 12, 2010

A little bit of a wake up call..

What a morning...again, I have to say poor kid. We were excited to get up this morning, and go to Owen's first day at Stepping Stones program at the NPCC this morning, and also to have our Occuaptional Therapy Assessment. The Occupational Therapy was great, we got a referral into 2 more programs they have to offer, mostly focusing on Sensory Issues.. which is great. Owen did such a great job in the assessment, he stacked blocks so well, acutally coloured! .. and he used a doodle pad.. something I never thought he would want any part of! (Of course following our day, we drove to Toys R Us.. Owen got a colouring book and a doodle pad!) We also got a referral to have a 1:1 OT therapist work directly with Owen... thank God we don't have to pay for a private one.. Ryan would be picking up a THIRD job.. haha. We should find out in a short while when those programs will be starting as well.

After our OT assessment, we went to join the Stepping Stones Program, which is a help for toddlers who are entering a pre-school setting, helping with social skills, rules, and Independence. Owen really seemed to enjoy himself, he did some crafts, played in the ball pit, and had a great time with the other children. Ryan and I were taken away to the parents session while Owen and the other children played. We met other parents with children who struggle with some areas like Owen.. it was so nice to meet other parents who could share in our struggles. We were able to also share with the parents some struggles our children might display while in the program that they should be aware of.. I informed them that Owen has some marks on his arms that he picks, he only has about 9 words in his vocab ( BIG increase from 3 months ago where he had 5 words)..and that he HATES when people sing altogether, like Happy Birthday at a party.

We finally got to go back in the playarea and see the children.. I missed him for that hour so much.. I was hoping he was okay.. and of course, he was. There was Owen, ,laying in the ball pit with 2 other little boys, having a great time. We then had to have Owen wash his hands before snack, which he did really well.. and then we sat for snack! Remember Owen is a picky eater? He ate 2 arrowroot cookies!!! YAY!! he did not want the juice, but at least he ate the cookies! He got a little annoyed that he had to sit when we eat snack, but he did well. We then had to sit in a circle and sing the goodbye song... Dear God... this was going to bad.. but at least we warned everyone there that Owen again, does not do well with group singing. H lost his mind...I felt bad, it was not fun.. it was then I think, Ryan and I actually realized how much he does lack in some social and communication skills.. but our one goal is to get him to enjoy the singing with everyone..

So yes.. our focus right now for Owen.. will involve Ryan and myself singing our hearts out for all our kids.. I expect a record label to be calling anyday now. :)


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