Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last part of the ASD Seminar - Ask The Doctor

One word - Amazing. Okay.. I lie.. more words that come to my mind - brillant. mind-settling. Hope. Faith. I enjoyed every part of this four part Austism series, but I have to admit, Ask the Doctor was my favourite, and I am going to explain why.

It is very rare you have the oppurtunity to ask a Doctor, who specializes in Autism for the past 2 decades, any questions you have about Autism. In this four part series, the last part is called, "Ask the Doctor", with Dr. Mahoney from McMaster in Hamilton. At the beginning, he went over the, "over-view" of his session, and I got excited right away, as my questions were all going to be answered, and in the first part!

We had to submit our questions a couple weeks ago, and mine were about Autism being genetic, when a child is tested on intelligence, and what the future holds for an adult with Autism (living with parents or a group home?) First was genetics, which was very interesting.. basically, Autism is genetic, but its almost compared to the luck of the draw. A parent could pass the gene, but the child would have to have the other part of the gene to become Autistic.. so while maybe Ryan or I passed the gene, Owen had the other piece to become Autistic, while Maddie or Ben might have gene passed from us, and not have the other part in their bodies, so they might be fine. Interesting eh?

My next question, was in regards to being deemed mentally disabled when you are Autistic.. does it come hand-in-hand with Autism? No. :)
About 60% are deemed mentally disabled, but a good 40% are not! Also these numbers will change, as we are finding out earlier in children, and are using early intervention... while back in the day, most parents did not know how to deal with it, or know the correct steps to take. Testing for a mental disability can only be tested when the child CAN test.. meaning Owen is way too young.. but while he is in IBI, they will be monitoring his progress, and in time, we will be able to tell where he is mentally. I am feeling conflicted about this, it is my biggest fear that his future is a group home setting.. but I am trying to keep in mind, he is only 2 1/2, and he is catching on so fast already at Brick By Brick, and it has only been a week.

The Dr also discussed the effectiveness of IBI therapy.. saying some children might do worse, or be develop the same whether they are in therapy or not.. I would rather pay the money and MAKE SURE Owen progresses, then just wait it out.. thats just me. Also, the Glutin Free diet was talked about.. and yes it can work, in children that are irratiable due to gastational issues, Owen does not have this.. yay! and because most Autistic children already have such a limited diet, containing 5-8 foods they will eat without a fight, why take those foods away? So, why change something that is not wrong?

I got very emotional at this part of the series, as I worry that my son's future is being our next client at work... it is difficult for me to seperate work from my son.. but it is something I am working on mentally. I know that I can not control the future, and I need to leave this in fate's hands..

I guess here is hoping fates on our side.


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