Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I needed to read this today.. thank you Hollie...you made my blog.

Hollie is my old co-worker, we worked together at the STBMP at Bethesda, and then she now works at a home for more care than behaviour...but we do get to see each other occasionally.. when I am actually at work and not knocked-up..haha. Hollie wrote me a wonderful little msg today, which made my day and I have to share it.. but first, here is the day I had.

I was just having one of those days, but I want to stress it was not in a bad way.. it was a day where I was just taking everything in. I took Owen to Sobeys so we could pick up dinner for my parents, and he was doing his usual, "hooting", but not loud.. it was more of a humming. I could feel people's eyes on us, and I just looked at them, gave them a famous, Vanessa not-impressed bitchy stare, and they quickly turned away..it makes me mad.. if strangers could just show some sort of understanding.. but alas.. they don't...Ignorance is the tragedy...not Autism. We were then ready to check out, and Owen noticed his favourite chocolate bar, Aero. He pointed to it, than looked at me and said, DO.. (which means he wants it)..lol. I said to him, we are going home to have dinner.. then he looked at me, pointed again, and then made his hands do the sign for MORE!!!!!!!! and pointed back to the chocolate bar!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How proud am I at this very moment?! so of course, he got the reinforcement.. and he earned it.

So, we came home, and Owen was excited to sit and spends sometime with his dad...which I love and think is the cutest thing going. So, my mom and step-dad came over for dinner.. and I had to take it all in. I had to take the compliments from my mom, as she has noticed a huge improvement in him. I had to sit back tonight, and I took it all in... I took in Owen's accomplishments, the strides has made and continues to make.. I just loved watching him today. I have to say I almost think he knew.. he was literally hanging off of me, hugging me to no end.. and I soaked up every once of it.

So, here is the beautiful message that just made my day complete..thank you Hollie for your kind words and thank you for continuing to accompany us on our son's journey. ox.

Hi Van, I just wanted to write to you and tell you how great of a women and mom you are! I am so lucky to know such a strong and determined women. Every time I sign into facebook I find something new that you have posted to show your support for your son. Whether its a poem, a small blog or just information to help others, there is always something for us to read and educate ourselves on. Wow, Owen is so lucky to have you as a mom!!
You have made it clear that you will not allow him to suffer or regress from Autism, rather grow spiritually and became a strong(er) little man.
Continue to do what you are doing, you are helping not only yourself, your family, but others who may be too shy to reach out.
You are tremendous with your strength.

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