Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Dinner and gearing up for IBI tomorrow!!!

What a long tiring day! I love hosting dinner with the family, but doing it while being on mom-duty = very difficult! I did manage though, and dinner was wonderful, and the Easter Bunny cupcales my mother-inlaw made, were the cutest things ever!! I really noticed tonight how amazing Owen's memory is, in regards to movies and directions. He knows certain parts of movies, mostly if it involves the characters laughing or screaming, and he will mimic it as soon as it comes on, and now we are noticing he knows his way around our neighbour hood! We just moved here in November of last year, and have not taken him out for walks often, as Ryan works quite a bit, and up until 6 weeks ago, I was SUPER-DUPER prego. It has only been within the last month that Ryan has been taking him to the park by our house.. On that note, he was outside with Maddie and my sister-inlaw, and actually took off on her, and ran to the park! He has never done this with us, he stays close, now I feel like I have something to worry about. He also knows the way home, and when he begins to walk down our street, he literally has a melt-down, he just loves being outside. Needless to say, my sister-inlaw got Owen home, and he was NOT happy.

Now, I am feeling like I am 8 years old again, not wanting to go to sleep, scared I am going to miss Santa tonight!! I was so excited for the beginning of our journey tomorrow with Owen's IBI Therapy at Brick By Brick, I can not lay down.. I packed Owen's bag, with his diapers, reinforcement In the night garden toys, reinforcement snack, and his sippy cup. It totally feels like he is going to start school tomorrow, and its nerve racking, exciting, and full of hope. Ryan made a comment tonight, that he would love to see if we can film Owen's first session, and I think it would be a great idea.. not sure if they would do it though.. but we are so going to ask..ha.

Now that tomorrow is finally here, I feel like we are honestly starting the new phase to our lives, and I have so much hope and faith in Owen, I just can not wait to see it all come to life, and now, share it with you as well. I hope when you read this, you share in our accomplishments for him, and I will do my best to go into as much detail as I can, so you can get even 10% of the amazing feeling we are going to experience. I know this is going to be a difficult, stressful .. yet probably the most rewarding this Ryan and I will be apart of.

Think of us and all our children tomorrow, as we embark on our real-life journey with Owen, because I know I will be thinking about all your kind and supportive words.


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