Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, April 11, 2010

And who said a person with Autism isn't lovey?!

Ryan and I are very affectionate parents..and we have tried to instill in our child to be the same.. hugs and kisses are always a must in our house! Owen is very picky to whom he is loving too, when it comes to kissing and hugging.. he has always been lovable with myself and Ryan, and most of the close family members..other than that, not so much. We have tried to get Owen to be loving with his sister.. sometimes he want to and sometimes he doesn't.. he thinks kissing Maddie means touching craniums..lol..

Last night we were at Ryans parents house, Owen actually kissed my new son Benjamin! we gave a HUGE reaction, and he kept doing it! He kissed and kissed and kissed, and we loved it! We video-taped it (thanx co-workers!!!) and we took pictures.. we loved it! He has been broadening his horizons with being lovey, and with his foods as I wrote yesterday!

So Owen has had such a great weekend, he is eating more (Oatmeal today!!) nad being so much lovey with his siblings, I am just so proud of him..

and really ... who says saomeone with Autism can't be lovey?! They need to meet Owen

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