Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, March 22, 2010

Speaking of everyday miracles..

When Dr. Snyder assessed Owen, she had to go through 15 boxes of questions with Ryan and I.. ranging from if he is behavioural, to sensory, stimulation, pretend play, and verbal - non-verbal. In regards to the pretend-play, Owen does not do this. He does not play with toys properly, he does not make cars "drive", he does not feed pretend babies.. nothing... so Owen tested a 3.5, which is almost the worst.. 1 being the best.

Last night, Ryan got home from work around 10pm, and Owen was still awake.. he did not nap till 4pm, getting up close to 6:30pm..needless to say, he was not tired. Owen sat beside me, on the couch, and brought me this, "Upsy Daisy" doll, from his favourite show, In The Night Garden. This doll will make noises when you push the belly, so we taught him how to push it on his own, he sucessfully did this after about 10 times of showing him.

Then, when Daisy began to sing I made her dance in front of Owen, then gave him a big kiss! So, after this.. Owen made Daisy dance!! and then he kissed Daisy!!(kinda started to make out with her!) This IS SOOOOO pretend play!! I was so happy and so over-whlemed with accomplishment for him and just so proud.. this was an amazing triumph for Owen.. and I was so glad I could share that with him.

Hopefully this is just the beginning to so many more little everyday miracles :)

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