Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, March 28, 2010


One of Owen's many tendancies lately, is his Sensory Issues. Sensory means that Owen gets stimulated from seeing different things in a very different way then we would perceive it. Owen can get this from anywhere, from the TV.. from lining up his toys and looking at them a certain way.. taking an object and holding it a certain way and move his eyes and head back and forth.. holding his fingers in front of his eyes..chewing rubber objects..and a new one, a fish tank.

We really started to know he had sensory issues about 4-5 months ago, and Ryan and I knew it was something more than just, "Owen being Owen". Sensory is doing something for Owen, and showing us that he has a different way of thinking and sees different things in something that we do not.. proving that he is such a smart little boy looking at something and seeing so much more.

I think now that Owen has been officially diagnosed, Ryan and I are seeing this so much more lately. When I took Owen to the Doctor a couple days ago, he began to move his head back and forth and staring at a specific fake tree through the branches, and he was getting so much more from that tree that I could ever see.

Owen also has a HUGE sensory issue that he has had since he was little, he could never sleep through loud noises, espeically the vacuum. I never thought anything of it before, and then when we began to see red flags of Autism, then it all made sense. Owen can not stand loud noises, it is so bad, he usually plugs his ears, and also people talking/singing together drives him nuts as well.

So while Sensory for Owen shows him a whole new way to see the world, it also gives him a whole new way to hear the world.. something I wish I could share with him. Ryan and I do not discourage Owen from doing any of this, we embrace it and let him be the amazing little boy he has always been.

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