Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Friday, March 26, 2010

Finding out it truly takes a village to raise a child..

Ryan and I have been so blessed and so fortunate to have such a strong support system through this whole new adventure. We have had to rely on my mother, my in-laws, Ryan's brother, even my great-aunt to help us.. so we could attend all the appointments.. all the assessments.. everything. What I find truly heart-touching? These family members do not ask for anything in return, just that we do the best we can for Owen.. which is a job in itself daily.

As I have come to find out in my career, our clients do well with a consistent core-team.. which basically means the same people if possible, keeping with the program, with no changes, no matter who is working with the client. This is also true in Owen's life as well.. and with this in place, he will thrive. Owen is a very happy, loving, and compassionate child..but he does prefer certain people over others. In Owen's main, "core-team", it was consist of myself and Ryan... his siblings, my mother, Ryan's parents, and Ryan's brother.. these are the constant people he sees on a day to day basis.. and the people he has the best repore with. This is going to be a key-factor to when he begins his IBI Therapy in April, what they teach Ryan and I, we will teach to the members of our core-team, and then outward from there.

Today for instance, Owen had yet ANOTHER appointment, with the Peditrician in Niagara Falls who first told us on Feb.11/10 that Owen was Autistic. Todays appointment was just to discuss what has happened in the month and 1/2, and what Dr. Synder the developmental Dr has discovered as well. I called over my Mother In Law to watch Maddie and Ben, so Owen and I could go alone, such a big help!! Appointment was for 10:30am, we did not get in till nearly 11:10am.. thank Goodness Owen was in a pleasent mood.. We went into the room to see the Doctor, and he has fish! Owen's new favourite thing to look at - Fish.. it takes him to a whole new world.. he loves it. This was great for myself and Dr.Donkor, Owen was mezmorized in the fish, and we could discuss next steps.

Basically, Dr. Donkor feels Owen is severe..I think based on he has only 4-6 words in his vocab.. and asked how I was holding up, due in part to when he met me the first time, I was a wreck. I told him I am doing better, I am learning more to be a better mom for Owen, and we are getting him involved in IBI Therapy. He asked how much it costs, so of course I told him.. he could not believe it. Dr. Donkor and I have different opinions on IBI, he wants us to, "wait it out", and I do not.. as I know the importance of Early Intervention. I then was able to ask him about genetics.. and if Ryan and I should be worried for our son Ben.. he told me it is very rare, but always something to be watching for - perfect. I will be watching Ben, like I said before, like a hawk.. poor kid. haha.

Owen and I left to come home, and I almost felt reassured. I felt that I am doing the right things for him.. I kept myself contained at the appointment, most likely because I do not live in denial, and again, trying to further educate myself.

As Owen and I were driving home,he was watching his movie on our DVD player in the van, trying to chew the rubber part on his shoes, I just took a moment and thought to myself.. what a blessed little boy, and what a blessing he is to us. In part, Owen has helped Ryan and I, and both our families, friends, friends of friends, Doctors.. everyone to come together to support him on this new journey.. truly reminding me it totally does take a village to raise a child...


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