Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Friday, March 19, 2010

Everyone is looking for a "cure" for Autisim...while they are looking for cures.. I am embracing the everyday little miracles my son makes..

This is true. I remember when Owen was sooooo tiny, his first smile, laugh, when he sat up for the first time.. everything. As a parent, it seems like the time goes by so fast, and those little milestones have to make a mental image in your head, because more than likely, those firsts are gone, and we look onward to the next milestone we witness. I can say for me, I am lucky. I am lucky that when Owen was an infant, I got to see all these things.. I got to witness all his BIG milestones till he was roughly 16-17 months of age.. then no more.

What we witnessed after this time in his life, was regression. Yes, at first this was confusing, frustrating, and upsetting.. what was happening? Why was my boy that could say, "Kitty" not saying it anymore? How was his sponge of a mind forgetting this stuff?! Why is he not saying mama anymore but is clearly saying, "Buh-bye"? What the hell is happening?! Regression. Red Flag #1.

Its kind of amusing now looking back, how I was so upset over this.. which I am sure you agree with. Yes, it was the hardest thing I have been through, seeing your child begin to fade away in front of you, and you can not do anything about it. Please, don't get upset for this isssue now.. because I have a different outlook thanks to last night..

Last night, after my In-Laws picked up my daughter Madelynn, I got the much-needed, "Owen and Mommy time, while Ben is napping". He crawled up on my lap as I was reading a couple more amazing responses to our situation, which brought me to tears. I believe Owen knew, as he hugged me so hard it was if saying, "mommy, don't worry.. I know." We cuddled and watched, "In the Night Garden"..again.. and he began his counting.

Now, Owen learns best with repitition, so everytime we climb up or down stairs, we count.... We count everything actually.. and his favourite, is counting with fingers. So as we are sitting and watching his show, he takes his 2 fingers and says, "Two...Three". I broke down.. and I mean down. I squeezed this child so hard, I am suprised he didn't pass out. Yes he counts.. but to use his fingers, I was amazed.

This is the small miracles as Owen's mother I see everyday.. his ability as a 2 1/2 yr old child to leave me in complete "awe" is amazing. His small miracles like trying to put on his socks and shoes, because thats how mommy does it for him.. looking at his daddy and pointing to the bath because he wants a bath.. taking our kitchen chair to the counter, so he can climb up and grab what he wants for snack.. and my favourite, bringing Ryan and I his blanket because he is ready for bed and wants to cuddle.

So inconclusion.. this title is perfect for the journey we are embarking with Owen.. while everyone in the world is looking for a cure, I am embracing the little miracles Owen is accomplishing one day at a time.


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