Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daisy-Do...Rrranny...Opa .. OH MY!

What an amazing day yesterday was at our home..it felt like it should always be like this. We had such a great day, Ryan's mom came over and babysat the kids with me for most of the day.. Ryan's dad, grandpa, and brother worked downstairs (Ryan helping where he could .. lol), it was so nice having our home filled with love and laughter, when lately it has been filled with worry, concern, and stress.

Owen had a day like any other, playing.. watching his favourite shows, and linning up his favourite toys. We have discovered that Owen will mimic people..especially if they use a cartoon voice, we used this when he said his name, and when we count. Ryan's mom used a different voice, and said, "Opa..and Granny".. and after a couple of times.. HE SAID BOTH!!! My eyes right away filled with tears, I was so proud of my little boy. This gives me so much hope and strength that Owen is going to speak, its just finding the right method to teach him. Later in the evening, we were playing with the Upsy Daisy doll, and after I kept singing the song, he repeated DAISY-DO!! AMAZING! My night was perfectly complete.

Ryan and myself, as well as different members of our family, have been helping Owen with counting.. he loves it. Lately, we have been putting our new video camera from my awesome co-workers to good use.. we have been filming different behaviours Owen is displaying.. from linning up his toys, counting different items, his sensory with his eyes, and different methods that Owen uses to self-stim. After I attended the first ASD seminar, I thought it would be so much more important to film these behaviours as well as his triumphs, as later in years, we want something to compare him too, and see how far he has come.

Ryan has been fantastic with helping Owen.. and as I have mentioned before, Ryan is Owen's biggest influence. Ryan will sit while Owen takes a bath, and they count together the items that Owen lines up at the side of the tub, and Ryan tried to teach him different words and etc...its so cute. Last night, Ryan taught him to count 1-6, using his favourite toys from, In the night Garden..and Owen was learning!! I grabbed the video camera, and we got to capture it!!

I really can not wait till years from now, whether it be a couple or 10 years, and we can go back to these videos, and see just really how far Owen has come... I mean.. look at what he has accomplished in the last month and 1/2 after we found out he has Autism.. and it can only keep improving!


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