Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

April 6, 2010 - A True Voyage In Our Lifelong Journey

As February 11, 2010 will always been inbedded in my mind, I think April 6, 2010 will also have its little space in there as well. We looked into private therapy for Owen right after my, "self-pity day" (as I refer to it) on Feb.11. As we work at Bethesda, we knew the waiting list for gov't funded IBI Therapy was 2 years minimum.. and that is based on severity. Having Owen wait for 2 years was not an option for us, as we know how IMPORTANT Early Intervention is, and if we could begin therapy when Owen is 2 1/2, we were going to do it!

We looked into a variety of IBI therapists, and we knew we wanted to have a place where Owen could attend, we did not want to have a home therapy..we wanted a centre. After many days of research, I was able to find a place in Fonthill, called Brick By Brick. The lady who runs it is amazing, and was amazing with Owen.. which put our fears at ease. They have a beautiful centre, and lots of people have told us good things about it...even the Doctors.

Our intial assessment was with Owen, we got to tour the place, and ask several questions. It was not an inital assessment, the senior therapist just observed Owen, and asked such about different things she would notice, and see if that is how he is at home.. true. After meeting with them, we decided this was the place for Owen.. two way mirrors if we drop in before he is finished.. lots of play rooms.. positive reinforcement..this place was for us...believe me.. we don't just trust anyone with Owen, or any of our children if they are not family.. over protective? you know it.

Our next meeting was an official, "assessment", and more questions were asked of Ryan and I, mainly about Owen, different red flags we began to notice, and what we notice now. We also answered many questions about our family history, and Owen's birth. This was very interesting, as Owen also had a play assessment.. how his memory worked, different toys he paid attention to, what he did with the toys.. and we found out he is FOR SURE an organizer.. and he also enjoys numbers!!

Our last meeting before the therapy begins, was yesterday. Ryan and I just went alone, Owen did not have to attend. The Senior Therapist had Owen's program ready to go, and we began to review it. This was very interesting for me, as regarding work, I am on the other side of the senario.. not yesterday. The program was intense.. they are collecting data everyday for Ryan and I to review whenever we want to, there main focus is communication, he is going to learn more life skills, numbers, letters, sensory.. everything.. it was fantastic. They have such big plans for my child, and it is so reassuring that someone else sees the potential in Owen that Ryan and I see everyday. The therapist loves that Owen is so social, he makes great eye contact, he learns based on repitition, and he likes to share what he is doing with you most of the time. For me, seeing a 12 page program set in place for my child = reassuring.

So, the big day is April 6, 2010. Owen will be having more of a life than his parents.. he will have s program on Monday mornings, called "Stepping Stones", which is a playgroup with parents there.. then Tuesday-Friday, for 2 hours a day, my little man will be at Therapy, busy.. I know. We want to treat this like we would treat school.. and I think because it will be such a concrete routine, Owen is going to thrive in this environment.

Yes... this is a large amount of money to pay for therapy.. and we are so fortunate right now in our lives, that we can provide this for our son... there is no if/ands/or buts.. this is going to be done..we are also blessed in our lives that we have amazing family members, willing to go without, just to help our little boy.. I can not thank you all enough.. but no worries.. right now we are good.. and our reward out of this.. will be one day soon, my little boy is going to say, "I love you"... that my friends, is priceless.

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